The website that I designed was for the car company Mazda. The image in the top is slightly modified image of a blue race car with opacified bars on the top and bottom of it. The navigation bar on the side has the logo at the top as well as an artistic navigation buttons. These buttons gradually get smaller and darker as you go down and have darker rectangles on either side to contain them. The other images are of various Mazda car models with a bar above them listing their name. The entire images are meant to be links to another part of the website, not just the blue bars.

I was trying to give off the impression of luxury and professionalism when making the mockup. the types of cars used reflect this, as they are all luxury vehicles. The audience is therefore the well off individual who wants a luxurious car. The navigation buttons were designed to look similar to a gearshift or some gauge of sorts. this was more or less to appeal to the fact that much of the cars in my images are sports cars.

The fronts I used were SF Automation, Source Code Pro, and Social Shapes.



http://1.bp.blogspot.com/Р JvbUvt2tLY/T_XojmPGEMI/AAAAAAAAAFU/H101mRYOxVo/s1600/mazda-logo.png

Mazda 2009

Mazda 2009

http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Mazda_RX8_R3_75_2.jp g