Project Overview: For this project, we had to design a flier and postcard for any national park of our choice. the two designs had to be related, contain information on the park (history, location, and contact information), as well as 5 facts about the park. I chose Yosemite park, using the title and an apparent shadow created by it to provide an interesting modern design. The white boxes on the back of the post card are for the various mailing information required to be visible by the postal service.

Message/Audience: The audience is everyone and everyone. I wanted to give off a sense of wonder in regards to the natural beauty of the park, so I used some of the more impressive images of the park that I could find as the backgrounds.

Things I learned: There wasn’t any new concept that I used for this image that I haven’t used before.

Color Scheme: The entire project uses the same green and blue found in the first background image (though the boxes are at 50% and 75% transparence respectfully).

Fonts: The fonts I used were Adam and Helvetica Neue