Project Overview: For this project, we had to design our own resumes. For mine I used my personal logo with the hexagonal pattern used in the logo applied in a water mark, with a yellow color scheme and a low poly image of myself.

Message/Audience: I designed everything on the resume around my personal log (hence the repeating pattern). I also used yellow because, according to color theory, the eye is drawn to the lightest, brightest image on the page with yellow being the best color (plus it makes a sort of bee connection with the hexagons). I wanted my resume to stand out in a giant stack of resumes.

Things I learned: I became alot more familiar with paragraph styles in adobe indesign

Color Scheme: The entire resume is a monochromatic yellow.

Fonts: The fonts I used was Helvetica Neue

Meet with Advisor: I meet with my advisor for critiques on Wednesday at 2:15