Wesley Snapchat Filters

The Project


The largest project that I was given during my internship was the designing of various snapchat filters for various events at the end of the semester.

It began with the Accepted Students Day and Scholars Day  filters. By this point I had not designed a snapchat filter before, so I was not sure what I should do as far as the designs go. I decided to simply use a gradient at the bottom and use typography and color to make each filter look unique.

Then came commencement week and I decided to branch out with a few different designs. First came the Pinning Ceremony, an event for the Nursing Department which involves these little lamps with candles in them. I decided to recreate a version of that lamp in illustrator instead of just a simple gradient.

Next came Baccalaureate and the actual Commencement Ceremony where i decided to base the filter design on the particular clothing of each event. For Baccalaureate that would be the colorful sashes while for Commencement it would be the graduation caps. Last came Grad Finale, where I decided to use silhouettes of students tossing their caps in the air. I had a great time designing these filters and, according to the college, they turned out very well.


Lastly I had to create flyers for the college promoting the new filters so students will know to use them during the events. The first one i designed was the Commencement weekend flyer which contained three filters on it, Commencement, Baccalaureate, and Pinning Ceremony. For the flyer I created a goofy looking version of the snapchat ghost with a smartphone and a graduation cap while using the snapchat yellow as a background.

I was then asked to create Flyers for individual filters, mainly Pinning Ceremony, Grad Finale, Accepted Students Day, and Scholars Day. All but Scholars Day follows the same format with the goofy ghost (with modifications to his hat or lack thereof). The Board Members in charge of the Scholars Day event wanted a more serious flyer, so I designed a simple one based of my first filter ideas and a vector hand and phone.

I loved this project. It was both extensive and challenging, but it let me be really creative with my designs.