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Whetstone: First Issue

The Project

When I joined the Whetstone, the Editor-in-Chief gave me free rein in how I redesigned the paper, which usually ranged from 8 to 12 pages. I was told to create a mock-up ahead of time for review before the actual issue printed, but beyond that I was on my own. In addition to that, this months issue was special because it contained the annual Musings, a collection of student submitted art, poetry, and photography.

Having never worked on a paper before, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I decided to give it my all and began researching how to design a newspaper. I looked at popular papers like the New York Times and USA Today, some national contest winners for student newspapers, and even looked at what other schools in Delaware were doing with their papers. For the Musings, I designed more off of how a magazine would look instead of a paper, creating a unique cover and layout compared to the regular issue.

Looking back I can’t help but notice the myriad of problems with this first issue. From the inconsistencies with the number of columns (eventually I decided on a 5-column paper) to the problems that the color blue seems to always have with newspaper printing, there are many things that were improved upon in later issues. But at the time, I, my editor, and the college as a whole was happy with the improvements I had made.