Senior Project – Graduate Nursing Program Branding

For my senior project of my Multimedia Communications major I choose to do a rebranding of one of the graduate programs at Wesley College, eventually deciding on the Graduate Nursing Department. For the project I designed a full branding package for the program, including a logo, letterhead, postcards, pens, mugs, t-shirts, banners, brochures, booklets, and social media advertisements. Below is a collection of all the various pieces that I created throughout the project.

Flyer and social media Ads

Here we have three different formats of the same advertisement. The first is a flyer that contains the same information as the pull-up banner. The background is a blurred image of the same building shot used throughout the project and a cutout of one of the faculty...

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Grad Nursing Pull-up Banner

The pull-up banner is a vinyl banner with a metal stand around 11x27in in size. It has the same building shot use in the booklet at the top with the tagline in bold white text. The right side of the banner has several pictures of the faculty, students, and facilities...

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Grad Nursing Program of Studies

The program of studies booklet is the single largest piece of the branding project at 16 pages. The front cover has a blue image of the Nursing building with the new logo and banners above it. The inside of each page has the same format; the top has a picture of the...

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Grad Financial Aid Trifold

The trifold contains all information about Wesley College’s financial aid policy. The front and back covers are a single image of one of the buildings on campus with the Wesley logo on the front cover and all the contact information on the back cover. A synopsis...

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Grad Nursing T-shirts

The t-shirts are white v-necks with the program logo on the front of the shirt, the tagline on the back, and the Wesley College logo on the sleeve. The fonts used for the t-shirts are Helvetica Neue and Typo College. Three colors were used for the t-shirts; blue...

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Grad Nursing Mugs

The mugs are 11oz ceramic mugs with an indigo coated handle and interior. It has the logo on the outer side of the mug with the same banner pattern that has been used throughout the project. The fonts used for the mug are Helvetica Neue and Typo College. Three colors...

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Grad Nursing Pens

The pen contains are cambridge ballpoint pens with the text from the letterhead on the side. The top of the pen also contains the same banner pattern that appears throughout the project. The fonts used for the pens are Helvetica Neue and Typo College. Three color was...

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Grad Nursing Postcard

The post card consists of the logo in the center of the cover with various blue tinted images of the faculty, students, and facilities of the Nursing Department surrounding it. The back is left largely blank on request of the client so they could write in handwritten...

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Grad Nursing Letterhead

The letterhead has a modified version of the logo with all the text removed and the banners extended off the page. The space above the logo is the same Wesley blue used throughout the project. The footer of the letterhead has all of Wesley College’s contact...

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Grad Nursing Logo

The logo contains the Wesley College seal in the center with a pattern of banners surrounding it. Around those banners is the name “Wesley College” as well as the name of the entire Department and the two primary degrees (CNS and APRN) that the college...

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